Monday, March 21, 2011

Shazzam Resident: Lindsay K. Kelly

e-Whore of the highest order, she is known for slutting around and getting her ugly tits out on camera.  We have plenty pictures like that and if you wish to see them, please email us at and we will send them over.  Otherwise, here is the info.

Name:  Lindsay Kathleen Kelly
DOB:  02/06/1988
Address:  2163 Lakeview Drive, Apartment 50, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Thursday, March 10, 2011

IntLibber Brautigan: Michael S. Lorrey

Everyone knows about IntLibber, this fat ass is pretty opinionated on just about everything and there are various pieces of information around the internets about him.  We do know he receives mail at the following address which we believe is a business location.  Nevertheless, here we go.

Name:  Michael S. Lorrey
DOB:  19/01/1968
Business Address:  175 Ammon Dr, Unit 100, Manchester, NH 03103
Mail To:  PO Box 1624, Grantham, NH 03753
Number (Unconfirmed):  (603) 863-8490

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hisPANIC Button: Antonio Ortiz

We received a not-so-anonymous tip about this guy and after seeing what we were shown, we felt it was only right to post it as he ain't right in the head.  He hates being called fat and greasy supposedly and will get enraged and post videos on YouTube if you do.

Name:  Antonio Ortiz
Age:  29
Address:  2132 Howard Road Apartment B, Augusta, GA 30906
Partner:  Shannon
Viewer:  Phoenix Viewer Release; Firebird skin

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cinda Valentino: Kiersten E. Christensen UPDATE

Well what can I say about this pill popping, schizophrenic, hair & teeth losing waste of life.  Most oldfags know all about her, she loves to frequent the Ahern Welcome Area, boasts of her RL & SL Mafia ties and will report you the minute you attack her.  She is probably the easiest person to troll in SL and will bite every time.

UPDATE:  We recieved an anonymous tip that this information is no longer up-to-date.  The person has promised us this information is now accurate and claims he hacked her accounts and got all this information.  After providing us with proof of this feat, here it is.

Name:  Kiersten Elizabeth Christensen
Alias:  Kiersten Froelke & Kiersten Klass
Husband:  Mark D Froelke
Ex-Husband:  David Klass - (310) 266-4848
Mom:  Deanna R Christensen - (651) 774-8821 and (612) 720-1572
Address:  3900 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Phone:  (612) 827-3537
Cell:  (612) 816-6673
Skype:  (310) 734-8774

Monday, March 7, 2011

The List on Twitter

Given the fact that we know it is only a matter of time before some bitch made mother fucker cries about this blog to Blogspot, we thought it would be best to make ourselves present on Twitter, that way should this blog vanish into dust, you can easily find our exact replica at a new URL.  Even though we believe this information is public and free, we know how things don't always go according to what is best for us all.  So follow us and keep up to date.

Follow thelistsl on Twitter

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chino Legend: Bernardo Rodriguez

This lover of slaves is one of the most irittating individuals you are likely to meet in SL.  He is dumb as shit, will use women for money and fly out to fuck them with them paying for it.  Why anyone would pay to fly this fat ass out is beyond me.  Info incoming.

Name:  Bernardo Chino Rodriguez
DOB:  01/15/1975
Address:  159 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11216
Phone:  (646) 408-5106

Saturday, March 5, 2011

mustang Letlow: Michael Chaney

This faggot is part of the mafia circuit and was outed in the SL Herald after a conversation with Zito Corleone about Nicholas.  He is a punk and was part of TONYGAMBINO Ronzoni's Capone crew.

Name:  Michael Allen Chaney
DOB:  06/01/1988
Address:  403 East Henderson Street, Overton, Texas 75684
Phone:  (903) 941-5724

Candy Lazarno: Sheriya Jones

This white piece of trailer park trash can be seen on a different dick each week.  Had a few short relationships with some wannabe white rapper as well as some ex Nicholas faggot named Sammy.  Here is the bitches info.

Name:  Sheriya Jones
DOB:  05/27/1987
Address:  21414 South Greenfield Road, Chandler, Arizona 85249
Phone:  (480) 258-2602
Daughter:  Jayden

Sniper Rebel: Yancy Ney

This southern hick works for the Police Department and loves to follow in the reporting footsteps of many others in SL.  He is a former mafia douchebag and is probably pretty hard to find around SL these days.  But here is his info nevertheless.

Name:  Yancy N. Ney
DOB:  12/28/1978
Address:  PO Box 311, East Bank, Kanawha, West Virginia 25067
Parents:  Barbara A. Ney and Anthony M. Ney
Phone:  (304) 382-2208