Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JLU discuss the death of Deadlycodec

This is really chilling. I have removed the RL links, names etc out of respect.

I have also posted his profile page below.

Meeting 17th October 2010
[08:17 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Kalel, I just pulled a huge thread.
[08:18 AM] Kalel Venkman: Oh, yeah?
[08:18 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Would you be surprised is [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] was related to [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---]?
[08:18 AM] Kalel Venkman: Not terribly?
[08:18 AM] Kalel Venkman: Is that the case?
[08:18 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Seems to be true.
[08:18 AM] Melanippe Karas: Snow operations, or merely afterlife?
[08:18 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Several broken marriages.
[08:19 AM] Kalel Venkman: How did you find this out?
[08:19 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Facebook is a very good friend.
[08:19 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] (who has ties to [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---]) is shown as a sibling of [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---], sister of Deadly.
[08:20 AM] Kalel Venkman: So it might be a stepsister.
[08:20 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: But its looking to be an extremely strong tie.
[08:20 AM] Kara Timtam: Blame the evil steps, as usual
[08:20 AM] Melanippe Karas: Wonderful, Carter.
[08:20 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] comes from a split family.
[08:20 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: I got that confirmed.
[08:20 AM] Kalel Venkman: So do I.
[08:20 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: The tie back to [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] though I'm still working.


[08:35 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: On the nothing to report side is Rancor and Aleph - we still lack eyes there.
[08:36 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Troll Manual though hasn't had any new content updates for 14 days. And we haven't seen N3X15 around lately, so they must be distracted with other activities.
[08:36 AM] Kalel Venkman: And the next bit of news might be why.
[08:37 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: There's been a swirl on if DeadlyCodac, former leader/hacker of the PN is really dead or not. The story broke from Prok, who seems to firmly believe it is a ruse.
[08:37 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: However, some Facebook research firmly shows that he is indeed dead or on his death bed.
[08:38 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Several of Deadly's family members have Facebook wall posts of going to the hospital and holding hands with Deadly.
[08:38 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Sisters mostly.
[08:38 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: But do we have any independent confirmation?
[08:38 AM] Samantha Lowell: I don't wish that on anyone-but it's sad that nobody believes him. :( Still, a terminal illness does explain his behavior, doesn't it?
[08:38 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: I would think his sisters and mother aren't PN hackers.
[08:38 AM] Kalel Venkman: It rather does.
[08:39 AM] Kalel Venkman: I think photos of people with Deadly on his death bed are probably good enough corroboration.
[08:39 AM] Melanippe Karas: Paranoia follow-through would ask whether those sisters are real accounts.
[08:39 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Photos can be faked.
[08:39 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Do we have any independent sources giving us the same information.
[08:39 AM] Kara Timtam: I don't blame Prok for the cynicism...
[08:39 AM] Melanippe Karas: And that person said 'of course it's true, this flimsy source said so'.
[08:39 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: These accounts have been around for years Mel.
[08:40 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Detailed facebook accounts.
[08:40 AM] Melanippe Karas: And Haruhi was around how long?
[08:40 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Less than a year Mel.
[08:40 AM] Jeffrey Essex: well can send prays sympthy and all that but should we exuse the eactions?
[08:40 AM] Jeffrey Essex: prayers
[08:40 AM] Melanippe Karas laughs
[08:40 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Given these sisters have tons of facebook friends, photos, etc, it seems like its the real deal.
[08:40 AM] Kara Timtam: "Hate the sin but love the sinner" as they say, Jeff.
[08:41 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Deadly himself didn't have an open profile, but his family members do.
[08:41 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Younger teenybopper sisters and cousins.
[08:41 AM] Jeffrey Essex: kara i think thats what i as trying to say yea
[08:41 AM] Samantha Lowell: Sad that nobody believes him. His own record works against him.
[08:41 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Still, we really need some independent confirmation to verify it. It could very well be true but then again, still possible it might not be without independent verification.
[08:41 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Mind the disclosure:
[08:41 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: That's one of this sisters, and the most major poster of news
[08:42 AM] Kara Timtam: So... what other alts have gone silent since Deadly's departure from SL?
[08:42 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: 457 friends, built profile, I hardly think its fake folks.
[08:42 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: His other sister posts here:[--- TWO FACEBOOK LINKS REMOVED OUT OF RESPECT FOR PRIVACY ---]
[08:42 AM] Melanippe Karas: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---]'s doesn't show me anything.
[08:42 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Given the mass amount of random, unrelated friends, yeah, its legit.
[08:43 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Are you logged in Mel?
[08:43 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: fact checking is done. [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---], a sister of Deadly posts on Oct 11th:
[--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] Ugh.... Doc visits always take too long. Been here an hour and still no doc.....
[--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] Don't know yet.... still haven't seen the doc. He had to run to the hospital for an emergency
[08:43 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: On the 15th:
[--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] Please pray for my grandfather and my brother [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---]......
[08:44 AM] Kalel Venkman: So as of that post, [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] is quite possibly still alive.
[08:44 AM] Melanippe Karas snorts
[08:44 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Depends on the status of his grandfather.
[08:45 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: That would imply either he went to "join" their grandfather or their grandfather is also ill.
[08:47 AM] Kalel Venkman: In this case, this is a body of information that indicates that DeadlyCodec has almost certainly been committed to a hospital or hospice, and may be dead.
[08:48 AM] Kalel Venkman: From that last post, he's either near death's door, or on the threshold, or passed over it.
[08:48 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: If we know his name and where he lives, there should be an obituary of some sort if he's dead or dies soon.
[08:48 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: That would be independent verfication.
[08:48 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Right, and his other sister [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] has posts of the same information.
[08:48 AM] Kalel Venkman: We do know his name, and we do know where he lives - though some people do not get obituaries.
[08:48 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: About her head hurting, holding hands and an outpouring of grief from her friends.
[08:49 AM] Kara Timtam: County records, perhaps.
[08:49 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: If they're giving this much of an outpouring of sorrow, I'd think they would.
[08:49 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Prok's source had a direct connection to Deadly's Facebook.
[08:49 AM] Kalel Venkman: An outpouring of grief, meaning if he's on the road, there's no turning back.
[08:49 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Which is what her article was based on, and the one she dismissed. The data though is strong this is real.
[08:50 AM] Kara Timtam: Just automatically discounting the given word of a known liar, in this case, seems incomplete.
[08:50 AM] Jeffrey Essex: Maybe we should just put that on hold tell we can find out for sure.
[08:50 AM] Kara Timtam: Well, we shall see.
[08:50 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Following up on the relatives pretty much has this locked down.
[08:50 AM] Zania Turner: Depending on the funeral home too, and how up to date they are on current technology, they might even have something on their website if they're handling the arrangements for the family. I know we did that for my grandmother, although we still opted to do an obit in the local paper and one of the two major papers in the area
[08:50 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] seems to be doing a lot of mobile updates, we can just continue tot track it.
[08:50 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Yes, if it is real, you'll easily find independent confirmation elsewhere.
[08:51 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: On October 6th: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] I'm spending the night at the hospital, which usually doesn't bother me, but I was invited to go bowling and do some other stuff and I really wanted to go and I can't now. Which is okay, just a little sad because I like the distractions. It would have been nice.
[08:51 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: December [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] Sorry girl! I know your mom and brother appreciate what you're doing though. Hang in there, prayers are with you! LOVE YOU!
[08:52 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Here's why I think he is truly gone:
[08:52 AM] Zania Turner: The confirmation will likely come within a couple of days after he passes, so keeping an eye on the facebook accounts will definitely help
[08:52 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] My hand hurts. :( Yesterday at 10:25am
[08:52 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] Me too honey thanks for being such a wonderful daughter and all the help and support you have given. 3 hours ago
[08:52 AM] Kalel Venkman: Which indicates a closure.
[08:52 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Pretty much.
[08:52 AM] Melanippe Karas: That sounds like the grandfather.
[08:53 AM] Kalel Venkman: It does.
[08:54 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: The next interesting note from all of this is [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] may or may not be related to Deadly.
[08:54 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Which would explain the Herald's actions if true.
[08:54 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: What actions are those?
[08:54 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: In general supporting griefer activities over all the years through positive press.
[08:55 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: If you're relative is a griefer, it makes sense.
[08:55 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Okay, just in general then?
[08:55 AM] Kalel Venkman: Despite the apparent refusal of the public to support the Herald's latest crusade for what they call "Hacktivism".
[08:55 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Well, yeah, that makes sense--nothing more bias than the Herald.
[08:56 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Right. Sariah Raye McCracken, who is the sister of Deadly, shows [--- RL NAME REMOVED ---] as a sister. Both families seem to have multiple marriages and remarriages. The only issue I'm getting held up on is geolocation ties.
[08:57 AM] Kalel Venkman: The word must be spreading like wildfire in what passes for the griefing community.
[08:58 AM] Jeffrey Essex: if its true and h dos or has passes should we look out for increased activites from the PN?
[08:58 AM] Kalel Venkman: It must be a huge wakeup call that somebody so notorious could be struck down this way - and the whole "Pool's Closed Due to AIDS" meme has stopped being funny.
[08:58 AM] Kalel Venkman: That's actually a very intelligent question, Jeffrey.
[08:59 AM] Samantha Lowell: Count on someone to capitolize on it in the griefer cvommunity. There's a lot of infighting, and when someone ddoes, look for some unpleasantness. Some anon will probably do it "for the lulz"
[08:59 AM] Kalel Venkman: We might - but it's hard to tell. They may see this as a unifying factor.
[08:59 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: One noticable change off the bat is Deadly's websites and hosting is shut down everywhere.
[09:00 AM] Samantha Lowell: I noted that myself, mav
[09:00 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Not if he hasn't made hosting payments, for obvious reasons.
[09:00 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Well, yes, that's possible, too.
[09:00 AM] Samantha Lowell: Okay, so what do we know? He's either dead or in extremis.
[09:01 AM] Kalel Venkman: Considering the last post, he's probably dead.
[09:01 AM] GreenLantern Excelsior: Here's a place to check, maybe: [--- LINK REMOVED ---]
[09:01 AM] Samantha Lowell: Implications of this, inworld, are unknown but I think Jeff is correct: This could trigger a spike of activity.
[09:01 AM] GreenLantern Excelsior: I don't see any from Augusta in there though
[09:03 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Wouldn't be. He only went into the hospital in October
[09:03 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: *october
[09:03 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Hmmm, well if it just happened, it might be a few days anyway.
[09:03 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: Right, it appears that if he passed, it was since Friday.
[09:04 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: So that would be a good source to keep an eye on for confirmtion.
[09:04 AM] Kalel Venkman: They might not do anything about the obit till after the funeral.
[09:04 AM] Kalel Venkman: A death of somebody in the immediate family pretty much rips apart the thread of daily life.
[09:05 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: That's true, but keep an eye out there and if you see one--it's confirmed and there's no longer any question at all.
[09:05 AM] Prettykitty Gumbo: what was his real name?
[09:05 AM] Maverick Grunfeld: And I'll be extremely rude here too, depending on his family there may not be one. Not all families, especially those from the South, will want to toss out there their son died of AIDS.
[09:05 AM] Kara Timtam: They are often funeral announcements as well. Unless there's someone they don't want to show up to the funeral...
[09:05 AM] Kara Timtam: like us
[09:05 AM] Kara Timtam: No real names in the meeting log please.
[09:05 AM] Kalel Venkman: His family may know nothing about us.
[09:06 AM] Jeffrey Essex: if its true maybe we can send our prayers and sympathy.
[09:06 AM] Samantha Lowell: The lag in obituaries is usually two days, give or take
[09:06 AM] Prettykitty Gumbo: I agree
[09:06 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: If they're that open on Facebook, I'd think they wouldn't be hesitant about an obituary. And they can always just cite natural causes. They don't have to give the actual cause.
[09:06 AM] Emiley Tomsen: We would never do something like that, show up at a RL funeral for an enemy, that's asking for trouble.
[09:06 AM] Kalel Venkman: Deadly was a lost soul from the beginning.
[09:07 AM] Jeffrey Essex: Don't have to show up but send a message is what I mean
[09:07 AM] Kalel Venkman: I'm very sad that he has come to this end without a chance to make things right.
[09:07 AM] Emiley Tomsen: Send what kind of message?
[09:07 AM] Samantha Lowell: I wonder what the long term impact his absence from the griefer core will be...
[09:07 AM] Kalel Venkman: Long term? He'll be forgotten.
[09:08 AM] Kalel Venkman: Short term, for the next year, yes, shock.
[09:08 AM] Samantha Lowell: Short term? I think we'll see a spike of activity and some in fighting
[09:08 AM] Kara Timtam: A hard dose of reality
[09:08 AM] Prettykitty Gumbo: nods
[09:08 AM] Kalel Venkman: CDurd770 Halfpint's PD reports that griefing is WAY down.
[09:08 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Maybe it will be a wake up call for a few. Who knows?
[09:08 AM] Kalel Venkman: They're actually getting bored.
[09:08 AM] Kara Timtam: Maybe each will look at his own life and get serious. Maybe. Even one, would be an improvement.
[09:09 AM] Bobkoe Nirvana: but we still should stand tall in case a next wave of griefers follow through
[09:09 AM] Kalel Venkman: I agree, Bob - we can't let our guard down.
[09:09 AM] Emiley Tomsen: I can see the in-fighting, since AIDs is still many times beleived to be more associated with gay persons. People who don't like this guy, inculding his fellow griefers may start throwing around insults like he was secretly gay and bash him in various ways.
[09:09 AM] Prettykitty Gumbo: That's sad
[09:10 AM] Kalel Venkman: That will serve to splinter them even more, making them easier to manage.
[09:10 AM] Samantha Lowell: That said, I think a message of condolenceon the Kypton radio website might not be out of place when the obituary airs. Just a simple message of sympathy to friends and family, no editorial comment. We take the igh road