Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JLU check their pockets for something Soft

We found this MOST interesting

[18:11] ZenMondo Wormser: Well honestly we don't know WHAT he was banned for as the lab never discusses reasons withe the reporters. For all we know it could have been something he did reported by non-league members. Just sayin'
[18:11] Vagabond Carter: soft said as much
[18:11] Siobhan McCallen: But the attitude of someone who blithely places trackers for the purpose of harassing people, even if the act does not *directly* violate the ToS is highly suspect and I, personally, felt that it ruined my experience in SL, even though I could not point to a rule it broke.
[18:11] Kalel Venkman: That's true, Zen, normally.
[18:12] Melanippe Karas: I know I passed some or all to Kal... I'll have to dig.
[18:12] Siobhan McCallen: This went to great lengths to skirt the rules very carefully, to achieve this exact result.
[18:12] Kalel Venkman: But in this case, Tux was removed via a triage between Soft Linden and the governance team, and we know this because Soft Linden told us that this is what transpired.
[18:13] Kalel Venkman: So in this case we're pretty certain why a given person was removed.
[18:13] GreenLantern Excelsior: I suggest we purge that statement out of our log in anticipation of the next security breach on the wiki
[18:13] ZenMondo Wormser: Ah I was not aware of this intelligence. I guess I should start coming to the MORNING meetings.
[18:13] ZenMondo Wormser: anyway I am against tampering with logs just to cover our ass if something gets out. Does not seem the right thing to do


[18:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: We finally have a Linden talking to us again. If word gets out that it happened, they will shut up again.
[18:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: We need to learn our lesson on this
[18:14] Kohaku Owatatsumi: Hm?
[18:14] Vagabond Carter: Soft isnt goernance though
[18:14] Kohaku Owatatsumi: The Lindens that were on speaking terms with us before were all fired.
[18:14] Kalel Venkman: He's referring to Soft Linden. No, he's not.
[18:14] Vagabond Carter: all he does id bug work
[18:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: He's a Linden. That's what counts
[18:14] Vagabond Carter: is
[18:15] Kalel Venkman: But he has governance's ear, and he'll act on our behalf on software related exploits.
[18:15] Kohaku Owatatsumi: Ahh, a debugger *nods*
[18:15] Kalel Venkman: So it's not the same as a general field agent, but we'll take what we can get.


[18:21] Kalel Venkman: He told us that the people responsible for the spyware system were banned.
[18:21] Kalel Venkman: He didn't mention Tux by name.
[18:21] Kalel Venkman: He followed the rules.
[18:21] Kalel Venkman: Right after that, Tux was gone.
[18:21] ZenMondo Wormser: and its not to say the current people calling themselves the Wrong Hands are the same ones that stole the wiki. SOme of them I think probably have moved on.
[18:21] Maverick Grunfeld: One of our prime areas on focus should be taking all measures to prevent the wiki and our internal systems from being exposed again.
[18:21] Kalel Venkman: So we put two and two together. Soft didn't actually say "I banned Tux Winkler".

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