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JLU Meeting 14th August

Pre meeting chat shows that the JLU has in fact called them and has basically told them it's not their thing, as have the FBI.

Emiley Tomsen: Meeting starts at 830, going to stick around for it?
Ginrai Yamabushi: What's new otherwise?
Emiley Tomsen: Not a whole lot, still watiting on word from RL authorities if anyone will take our case.
Ginrai Yamabushi: Like FBI right?
Emiley Tomsen: FBI, Scotland Yard, anyone that might listen.
Ginrai Yamabushi: Good
Emiley Tomsen: Scotland Yard responded once, but hasn't called back after saying they didn't think they had jurisdiction.
Ginrai Yamabushi: what about Interpol?
Emiley Tomsen: This is too small scale for them to handle really, Scotland Yard has their own cyber-crimes division.
Emiley Tomsen: Of course, getting them to see that they do have jurisdiction is one thing, trying to get the feds here to respond would help greatly. Since the DDoS attacks did happen from American servers.
Ginrai Yamabushi: I was going to get the Feds involved when I saw my info posted online
Emiley Tomsen: Have you had any luck?
Ginrai Yamabushi: I didn't call after I talked to Kal-El
Emiley Tomsen: Uh, why, what did he say?
Ginrai Yamabushi: talk to Linden Lab, and also send a message to Google
Emiley Tomsen: That, really doesn't help. Linden Lab will only say they don't deal with third-party sites, and Google will ignore it. You really need to call the FBI, and ask them to look into it, as it relates to attacks on websites.
Ginrai Yamabushi: I was on the website when I saw that
Ginrai Yamabushi: from Kal
Emiley Tomsen: We need big league help, and right now, the Feds are the only ones, aside from getting a lawyer who can help us.
Ginrai Yamabushi: Yeah definately
Ginrai Yamabushi: I have to run, but I will be back

And then in the meeting, Kalel bullshits the whole group into his fantasy of working with Scotland Yard:

Kalel Venkman: She also puzzled out who Tux's probable employer is, and the name of his boss.
Samantha Lowell: WE choose to be the best of ourselves online, or the worst of ourselves online. Which path we choose speaks volumes about the sotrs of people who sit behind the avatars,
Melanippe Karas laughs a dark and anticipatory laugh.
Kalel Venkman: That's right, [-- REMOVED RL NAME --], that's what separates us. With our anonymity (or what's left of it these days. :/ ) we choose to do good.
Kara Timtam: I feel I must point out that looking for Tux's RL information gives some verity to his claims that we stalk.
Kalel Venkman: If we chose to use that ourselves, it would.
Kalel Venkman: But the plan is to give this information to Scotland Yard, which we are doing.
Kalel Venkman: We are currently in contact with Scotland Yard - and yes, they actually called us back.
Kalel Venkman: Unlike our own FBI.
Siobhan McCallen: Stalking: A person who intentionally and repeatedly follows or harasses another person and who makes a credible threat, either expressed or implied, with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily harm is guilty of the crime of stalking. A person may be charged with aggravated stalking if they commit the crime of stalking while subject to a temporary restraining order, injunction against trespass, or similar order.
Kalel Venkman: So we are carefully preparing as much information as we have, as they have specifically instructed us. So we are currently operating under instructions from Scotland Yard.
Kalel Venkman: So the casual "drive-by" griefers don't have a place to copy and paste from.
Kalel Venkman: Emiley did some digging, by the way.
Kalel Venkman: Tux has the domain name ''.
Melanippe Karas: As if.
Kalel Venkman: Probably a knee-jerk reaction to
Kalel Venkman: After we plugged them on the Krypton Radio site.
Kara Timtam: UK police are going armed these days.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: Aye, I noticed o.o
Samantha Lowell: I remember there was a big stink about how Lulzsec could hack Verizon. It turns out it was just as simple as having a lulzsec member who worked some menial job at Verzon and he had a password. These people are nowhere near as clever as they want us to believe.
Siobhan McCallen: Primarily because Google is well aware of the Greater Internet F**kwad Theory, and won't let them be anonymous on their system.
Samantha Lowell: In addition, it seems to be open season no Anonymous these days, so I'm surprised they'd be interested in anything but covering their asses (pardon my French)
Kalel Venkman: There are actually laws on the books that directly forbid the creation of a communication system that has no capacity for monitoring by law enforcement.
Kalel Venkman: So they'd be very interested.
Kalel Venkman: Whoever reserved the domain name would be first on the list to talk to.
Kalel Venkman: If you're going to run an Anonymous service, the first thing you have to be is anonymous.
Kalel Venkman: Apparently they're not.

And them some ego stroking by way of more fantasy:

Kalel Venkman: Oh, one other small note, by the way, Krypton Radio last week was in the top 9% of all sites on the internet.
Kalel Venkman: As of last night, we moved up 1%.
Kalel Venkman: We are now in the top 8%.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: Yikes.
Siobhan McCallen: woot!
Ginrai Yamabushi: sweet
Kalel Venkman: I'm pretty pleased too.
Samantha Lowell: Wow
Kalel Venkman: So because we're now running at about half a million hits a month (that translates to a rough average of a thousand unique visitors per day), we're starting to work on how to get this thing to actually start bringing in some money to help us finance not only the station but our operations in-world, and even start paying people.

Wasn't they saying they had been subjected to a DDOS attack? Hits up at the time the site was down? See no link?

Kohaku Owatatsumi: There are a couple of adserver thingamies out there
Kalel Venkman: Yeah, there are, and we're using one of the better ones.
Kalel Venkman: But they're only good for about $5 a month on average.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: Which better one are wqe using?
Kalel Venkman: We're looking into paid sponsorships as being primary movers for our needs.
Kalel Venkman: Oh, yes, that reminds me of a couple of things.
Kalel Venkman: First, the Star Wars RP community has gotten rather excited about the idea of doing their own weekly podcast about the Star Wars RP scene here in Second Life.
Kalel Venkman: And this sharpened when I told them Krypton Radio might be interested in putting it on the air if they did it.
Ginrai Yamabushi: Wow...!!!!
Kalel Venkman: Now here's the interesting thing: this Star Wars RP group is headed up by none other than Cayce Urriah, aka [-- CAYCE'S ALT NAME REMOVED --].
Kalel Venkman: Formerly of the JLU.
Melanippe Karas: Hah.
Kalel Venkman: Cayce left on ethical grounds. He had a lot of friends in Woodbury at the time and felt that membership in the League represented a strong conflict of interest.
Samantha Lowell: Hmmmmm
Melanippe Karas: That sounds ethical in itself.
Kalel Venkman: After he left the League, Cayce fed us a near continuous stream of detailed information about Woodbury and Tizzers and their operations.
Kara Timtam: [-- CAYCE'S ALT NAME REMOVED --] IM'ed me the other evening actually, just saying hi.
Kalel Venkman: This information may have contributed to the eventual destruction of Woodbury.
Samantha Lowell: So *that's* where all that was coming from.
Kalel Venkman: Cayce is now inquiring as to whether he might rejoin the League.
Kalel Venkman: And I promised him I'd bring up the question in open discussion.
Kalel Venkman: Now my reservations include the fact that he was very close to the Woodbury for a long time, and that when it came time to make his decision, he chose his friendships with them over his service to the League.
Kara Timtam: Ah. Now I know shy he was trying to talk to me.
Siobhan McCallen: I don't know Cayce well enough to have an opinion
Sumalee Capelo: What is his relationship now with those people?
Kara Timtam: *why
Sumalee Capelo: If they come back, will he again leave JLU?
Kalel Venkman: As far as I can tell, nearly none. After a while I think they figured out that anything he was exposed to ended up in our sphere of knowledge about them.
Kalel Venkman: And they just stopped talking to him and started excluding him from everything.
Sumalee Capelo: Ah, then all is well.
Samantha Lowell: I like Cayce, and he's honest, but I want to know where his loyalties lie: Us or them?
Kalel Venkman: That's when he got busy with the Mandalorean faction in the Star Wars RP scene and immersed himself in it.
Melanippe Karas: He quit then helped anyway. That sounds pretty obvious.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: *nods*
Melanippe Karas: If he hadn't quit, where would we be in terms of intelligence?
Siobhan McCallen: Did the information only flow one way?
Samantha Lowell: True. Just playing Quesada's Advocate.
Kalel Venkman: The information only flowed one way.
Siobhan McCallen: okay.
Kalel Venkman: He never asked any questions about the League or its activities, ever.
Sumalee Capelo: I would say wait a month or two to let him join so because right now we are fragile.
Siobhan McCallen: so he never had anything to pass back to them. ok, makes sense.
Kalel Venkman: If he hadn't quit - hmm.
Sumalee Capelo: and cannot take risk
Kalel Venkman: I have similar concerns, Sumalee.
Sumalee Capelo: let the Pixeleen thing blow over
Kalel Venkman: But I also want to point out that we have been working on a state of constant lockdown for three years.
Siobhan McCallen: I had one interaction with Cayce, long ago. He was using superhearing in a sandbox. I questioned its ToS legality, and he stopped using it immediately. I liked that.
Samantha Lowell: Not fragile, maybe, but I agree: Rather than concretely choose one side over another, he quit. Too many questions just yet to reach any decision.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: Was it that long ago?
Kohaku Owatatsumi: The breakin and the compromise of B?
Kalel Venkman: The breaking and compromising of the BrainiacWiki took place in January of 2010.
Kara Timtam: seems like only yesterday!
Melanippe Karas: Close enough.
Kalel Venkman: I see that the same concerns about Cayce rejoining when we talked about this about a year ago are still very much on our minds today.
Samantha Lowell: And in the end, he choose friendship with people he knew to be bad eggs over his oath. friendship shopping or not.....let's say we'll need proof that he's changed his compass.
Siobhan McCallen: I don't think Cayce is bad. To the contrary, he picks his moral ground and stands on it. That's commendable and honorable. But I still get a choice on whether I like the outcome of his decisions, and my subsequent choices.
Kalel Venkman: So that's sort of a heart thing as contrasted to a head thing.
Samantha Lowell: Possble, but like Kara said: Only a double agent knows for sure what side he's on.
Kara Timtam: I feel we can not afford the vulnerability.
Siobhan McCallen: Undercover agents don't leave the original organization. They stay a part of it, just secretly.
Kalel Venkman: It feels to me as though he's friendship shopping.
Samantha Lowell: Probably yes.
Samantha Lowell: But until he fdinds his compass, he could prove a weakness that Tux and others like him could exploit
Kalel Venkman: That's an excellent point.
Kalel Venkman: And Tux's great strength is to make people doubt their own convictions.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: I will say this.
Samantha Lowell: Agreed. Look what he did to poor [-- VAGABOND's RL NAME REMOVED --], for example. Bad guys can be charming and persuasive, too
Siobhan McCallen: at the time, he had to choose being a part of our group and service to the JLU, or his friendships with them. He chose them. Clearly, he felt those friendships were more important to him at the time, since that's what side his ethics fell on. They could have fallen on rejecting friendship with griefers instead.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: They made me question my presence here, once.
Kohaku Owatatsumi: Witness with your own eyes the result.
Samantha Lowell: Cayce isn't bad. I think hges susceptible, that's all, and that's concern enough.
Kara Timtam: This is sounding a lot like "Not Now" to me, probably "not ever" but only probably
Melanippe Karas: So let's talk with him over in Steelhead.
Samantha Lowell: Agreed. Cayyce helped us, and I'm grateful, but he has, honestly, some 'splaining to do.
GreenLantern Excelsior: Are our websites and equipment still broken?
Kalel Venkman: No, we're in pretty solid shape right now, Hal.
GreenLantern Excelsior: b id [-- CAYCE'S ALT NAME REMOVED --]
GreenLantern Excelsior: Oh, okay, wasn't working the other way
Kalel Venkman: Our hosting service could not fix the problem with the server box our virtual server was on - so they simply powered it down, grabbed the handle on the insert card and physically pulled it out.
Kalel Venkman: They put our module into a new physical box.
Samantha Lowell: good

Kalel's summary:

Kalel Venkman: In a nutshell, the morning meeting covered the fact that we may have figured out who Tux's employer is, the fact that we're in active dialog with Scotland Yard about it, observations about griefing activity post-Red Square, and concerns about Cayce Urriah rejoining the League.
Kalel Venkman: In essence, nothing you didn't already know. No new revelations.

RL Stalking? A member of the JLU tailed Tizzers during the SLCC event.

Maverick Grunfeld: Yesterday, Tizzers hosted a RL party at SLCC
Kalel Venkman: That's what I hear.
Kalel Venkman: Smitty Boyau is there.
Kalel Venkman: Said Tizzers has calmed down a lot since last year, nowhere near the festering boil of rage he was.
Kalel Venkman: But says he's still got some in him.

The rest of this conversation is for another time as we have to contact the subject of the following conversation.

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