Sunday, August 21, 2011

JLU False AR Log

Our JLU mole has given us the following, we found it most interesting, documenting false AR's by the JLU.

[18:34:31]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): And I'm reaching again, in this
last blog post, Tux and Atlas have an exchange where Atlas makes a few remarks
that aren't so favorable about Kalel.
[18:34:46]  Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): Blog post, outside of SL
[18:34:50]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): If we grab that and bring it back inworld as an AR, I wonder if it will fly.
[18:34:51]  Kara Zor-El (kara.timtam): As long as it's not in SL, they dont'care.
[18:35:04]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): Yes, naturally, I'm not saying we reference the blog.
[18:35:10]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): Just the chat log itself.
[18:35:22]  Alan Scott (phillip.beeswing): It was a web post of a chat log.
[18:35:31]  Kara Zor-El (kara.timtam): Ah, so we quote the chat log without the consent of theparticipants. That would make US the violators here.
[18:35:31]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): LL will record dig on their own.
[18:35:40]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): Which will mean inworld IMs and local chat.
[18:35:40]  Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): Still - it's from outside SL, I don't see them giving it more than an eyeroll
[18:35:49]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Ordinarily, Kara, yes - but that rule does not apply when you're telling a Linden.
[18:35:57]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): We don't reference it was collected from out of world.
[18:36:02]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): Just grab the log.
[18:36:08]  Alan Scott (phillip.beeswing): Not if we only quoted it to the Lindens who have access to that info if they want it.
[18:36:22]  Kara Zor-El (kara.timtam): Hmm. I am just making sure we don't get in any trouble, understand.
[18:36:36]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): You can't "disclose" to a Linden because it's presumed that they already have the information anyway.
[18:36:43]  Kara Zor-El (kara.timtam): Only if it was within 24-48 hours.
[18:36:48]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): How we came by the data may be pointless.
[18:36:54]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): This was within the last two hours.
[18:37:04]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Best done quickly, then.
[18:37:05]  Kara Zor-El (kara.timtam): 'Twere best done quickly, then.
[18:37:06]  Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): What exactly did he say?
[18:37:13]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): I
[18:37:28]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): I'll need to recreate as he prevents text selection on his website
[18:37:33]  Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ot
[18:37:38]  Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It's here, Jer:
[18:37:52]  Melanippe of Themiscyra (melanippe.karas): Try looking at the page source, that might get around it.
[18:37:58]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Oh, you can get the source view from your browser and extract it that way, he's playing games with it.
[18:38:16]  Siobhan McCallen: Yes, thank you Kal
[18:38:33]  Siobhan McCallen: I was talking with Tony the other day, and I wanted to do something special.
[18:38:44]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): [14:30] Atlas Saintlouis: I would also like to thank kalel, for reminding me that in the event i am unable to do anything substantial with my RL, i could always come waste my life away in SL like a self important douchebag
[18:39:06]  Siobhan McCallen: It occurred to me that, for the sake of brevity, we all listen to Kal give the oath, then just say "I agree"
[18:39:20]  Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): What's the violation there?
[18:39:20]  Siobhan McCallen: I wanted to do something more.
[18:39:41]  Alan Scott (phillip.beeswing): Defaiming.
[18:39:45]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): I would say defamation.
[18:39:54]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): But I agree there, boy is it thin.
[18:40:00]  Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): Yes, it is.
[18:40:08]  Bobkoe Nirvana: but, if this was noted to be outside of SL, then wouldn't we be in trouble?
[18:40:18]  Alan Scott (phillip.beeswing): I doubt it would hold up.
[18:40:32]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Not directly filing it in an AR
[18:40:42]  Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yeah
[18:40:46]  Siobhan McCallen: let me know when
[18:40:52]  Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The AR would be against Atlas Saintlouis, too
[18:40:54]  Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): That whole blog is one big pile of unusuable idiocy and defamation - for me, it carries less wight then a piece of vaporware being held in stasis by a set of superconductors.
[18:41:09]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): Atlas runs one of the management groups for Red Square.
[18:41:13]  The Dark Knight (maverick.grunfeld): He's a viable target.
[18:41:14]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I know we're looking for any leverage we can get, here, but if we're going to make something stick, it needs to be good.
[18:41:39]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): All right, then.
[18:41:41]  Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Tux may be too cagy to give us an easy shot at him
[18:41:52]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Tux is a lot of things, Hal.
[18:41:55]  Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): Interesting.
[18:41:55]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): But cagey isn't one of them.
[18:42:00]  Bobkoe Nirvana: he's already had us cover a meeting about him..and damage has been done

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  1. [18:37:06] Jeremiah The Time Dragon (jeremiah.pintens): What exactly did he say?

    LOL! Shouldn't that have been line #1?

    Tolerating this sort of fools is one of the more prominent nails in the coffin, LL tenderly crafted for its own vision.