Wednesday, August 31, 2011

JLU not concerned about another Wiki leak

JLU are not concerned about another Wiki leak.

[08:41:36] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): The big news this morning is that Nicholas Mafia has broken into somebody's system - they haven't said who yet - and they've downloaded 80,000+ pages of something they're not supposed to have.
[08:41:48] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): oh dear lord
[08:41:50] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We have no idea who the victim is yet.
[08:41:57] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): I wonder if it's us again
[08:42:00] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): you checked the logs, yes?
[08:42:08] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We know it's not US, because we don't have 80,000 pages of anything.
[08:42:11] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Ah
[08:42:13] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I checked the logs, yes.
[08:42:19] Kara Kent (kara.timtam): Yes, Kalel has been monitoring our logs anyway, just in case they were exaggerating
[08:42:39] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Well, it seems its only a matter of time until Atlas does something illegal enough to merit attention of the bar association.
[08:42:47] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And apart from my own backup operations, there's nothing in there to suggest that anybody who isn't supposed to be there has been downloading mass quantities of anything.
[08:43:08] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Law practice is a position of high public trust, Commiting crimes while in the profession is the height of hypocrisy
[08:44:08] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): *supposedly*, LulzSec is disbanding. Oh, yeah, I believe that one...NOT.
[08:44:43] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Translation: One of us got arrested: We're going to lay low a bit
[08:45:04] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): LulzSec broke into the Arizona Department of Public Safety and stole several emails. They said they were suspending activities but I didn't hear they were disbanding.
[08:45:20] Zen-El (zenmondo.wormser): here is a story about it LulzSec Calls it Quits
[08:45:29] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): said they were disbanding, they "reached the end of their 50-day cruise"
[08:45:38] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): And some agoraphobic (and predictably antisocial) 19 year old got arrested.
[08:45:40] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Uh huh.
[08:46:06] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): a haxx04 who CLAIMS he has "Aspergers".
[08:46:10] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): The FBI is cooperating with Scotland Yard (which itself is taking a hard line towards cyber crime)
[08:46:13] Bobkoe Nirvana: saw your note on email..just got in..forgive me for wearing wrong costume today
[08:46:13] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Was there an arrest, really?
[08:46:19] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): You don't have Aspergers, you're just a dick.
[08:46:22] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): THAT could be why Tux is laying low
[08:47:01] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay we were talking about Nicholas Mafia, right?
[08:47:03] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I kind of doubt it - Tux is in another country, and believes himself untouchable.
[08:47:23] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Sort of both, but in particular Nicholas Mafia.
[08:47:29] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Thanks for pulling us back on topic, Hal.
[08:47:34] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): You're welcome
[08:47:35] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Except that several arrests have taken place in England: three of whom were Anons
[08:47:57] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): And Scotland Yard is going after cybr criminals with some initiative, it seems.
[08:48:18] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): And the lkaw, it seems, is being amended to reflect a harder line
[08:48:22] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): *aw
[08:48:27] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): *law (pickles)
[08:48:31] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): So as far as what Nicholas Mafia is doing, all we can do is wait along with the rest of the community to see what they're actually doing.
[08:49:56] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We know that Atlas Saintlouis closely involved with Nicholas Mafia, and we have some conflicting information as to whether he was summarily responsible for their financial resources.
[08:50:33] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Financial resources. I've heard of those
[08:50:34] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We have stayed away from sending spies into the Nicholas mafia because it's a rat's nest of roleplay and ambiguous situations.
[08:50:47] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): It would be hard to be effective there.
[08:50:55] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Well, rival mafia groups aew attacking each other
[08:51:17] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We've been seeing that a lot - it's not Hacktivism, it's rival gangs attacking one another.
[08:51:28] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And trying to dress it up in a wig and a dress.
[08:51:37] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Exactly. And Hacktivism is just lulz with a new name.
[08:51:50] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Their own boards admit that
[08:52:02] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Is that so, Shay?
[08:52:06] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Interesting.
[08:52:21] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Can you find a URL that shows a quote?
[08:52:23] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): So I read, but accounts-predictably-conflict
[08:52:45] Kohaku Owatatsumi: YMMV
[08:53:05] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): As usual with anarchic groups, they do not act as one - given all possible courses of action, they simply choose all of them simultaneously.
[08:53:36] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): A hard learned lesson from our battles with the Patriotic Nigras.
[08:53:37] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): And they clearly DO have a leadership structure of sorts, one that mocks the canon fodder who buy into the whole anonymous myth
[08:54:15] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We've unfortunately got not a lot we can do for the moment.
[08:54:30] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We've reported it to the FBI and we hope they're paying attention, but there's no way to tell.
[08:54:48] Bobkoe Nirvana: wow.
[08:54:57] Bobkoe Nirvana: never know what to expect in second life
[08:56:09] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): A third party by the name of Blindstarebodine Braham is trying to lure Tux into divulging information to a friend of his.
[08:56:22] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Or rather, via a friend of his.
[08:56:25] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Hooboy
[08:56:33] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That name is familiar
[08:56:40] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Yup-internicene rivalry
[08:56:44] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And so far, this person has gotten some information - not a lot very useful, but there are tidbits.
[08:57:29] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ballers City person. I think I talked to him when I was trying to get us into that sim for patrolling.
[08:58:26] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yup, March of 2010
[08:59:16] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Goes hand in hand with my own theory that hard core serial griefers are usually compensating for some real life issue or pathology
[08:59:26] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): But it's indicative of the quality of the information being extracted.
[08:59:41] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Yes, Ballers City.
[08:59:50] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): He has a very very high regard for the League, by the way.
[08:59:55] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Good
[09:00:08] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): He does. He contacted me first when I was scouting the place.
[09:00:15] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): I only go to Ballers Ciy in an alt-it's become Griefer central (tm)
[09:00:19] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): He also furnished us with the names of a couple of Tux alts.
[09:00:22] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): prism is simply a function that converges the images between the two lenses when you have trouble with focal convergence.
[09:00:56] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): I have prism incorporated in my own prescription because of that. It's not uncommon.
[09:01:11] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Yes, but in his case it's dramatic and severe.
[09:01:26] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): ANyway, I wonder if Tux is laying low because he may have had some link to one of those hackers arrested in the UK and is trying to lay low? Or worse: did his wife catch on?
[09:01:41] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I don't think his wife cares at all, to be frank.
[09:01:53] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Could be.
[09:02:14] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): But consider this: many teen hackers and some adults do what they do without the knowedge of their families.
[09:02:14] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Anyway, we're getting information from that quarter, but it's very slow going, and for obvious reasons.
[09:02:58] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We should know more in two or three weeks - maybe enough to give us what we need to get Tux the attention from the authorities he probably needs.
[09:03:38] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): I hope so. Maybe he's had a brush with the authorities already. That's my personal theory. It would explain his sudden comparatrive quietness
[09:04:06] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Bodine suggests that there's a good chance that Tux is involved in this big breakin somehow.
[09:04:15] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): No surprise.
[09:04:28] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): His alts apparently have some sort of ties to Nicholas Mafia.
[09:04:58] Bobkoe Nirvana: too bizarre
[09:05:14] Jenny Everywhere (siobhan.mccallen): If he suddenly had his machines confiscated by police forensic agents, I would cry bitter and salty tears of sympathy
[09:05:28] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I know I shouldn't be surprised that all these thugs all know each other and that this whole mess is intertwined like a plateful of garden snakes.
[09:05:30] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

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